Ch 014 Three Eyes Dogs

Three Eyes Dogs.

Three Eyes Dogs (スリーアイズドッグ, Surī Aizu Doggu) are selectively bred war-dogs that rampaged during the War. They are extremely fast and the third eye on their foreheads can detect infrared rays, causing them to be feared as the Barghests of Midnight (真夜中の悪魔犬, Mayonaka no Bāgesuto).[1]


Three Eyes Dogs were responsible for the scar on Lacile's face as he was escaping the army.[1]

6 years prior to reuniting with Lacile, Noish was also running from a pack of Three Eyes Dogs before being saved by Deodora.[2]

5 Three Eyes Dogs were deployed by the soldier in the Shiu Tribe mine, but they were defeated by Lacile.[3]


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