The Rato Tribe (ラト族, Rato-zoku) is one of the 12 non-human races. In battle, they are widely regarded by the world to be the most powerful of the 13 races.[1] However, they are far weaker than the Tsuta Tribe.[2]

In ordinary life, their appearance resembles humans, the only notable difference being stripes on their bodies. However, this appears to be a suppressed state; when in battle, they can transform, gaining larger musculature and claws, with stripes covering their entire body.[1]

A Rato Tribe town lies west of the Loosa Kings' Graveyard.[1] There, they have taken in the Photon Carrier boy Noish. The tribe exterminate Dragons in what they call Dragonbanes (竜退治 (ドラゴンベイン), Ryū Taiji (Doragonbein)),[3] and they keep all the Dragons barricaded in an area known as the Sacrificial Fort (贄の砦, Nie no Toride).[2] All Rato males go on Dragonbanes and females hunt for food.[1] However, there are two females among the Nines, the elite Dragonbane group, Deodora and Luida. The Rato sustain themselves by selling parts of Dragon corpses, which are extremely valuable.[2] The Rato Tribe have battled with Dragons and their followers, the Tsuta Tribe, since ancient times.[4]

The Rato Tribe's fighting energy Koki (虎気) is the only known thing that can harm Dragons.[3] Their fights against Dragons are at such a speed that only the top 4 or 5 of the Lost 11 Photon Carriers would be able to keep up.[5] Koki is a bare-handed fighting style that can pierce the Dragons' hard scales.


  • "Rato" (ラト) back-to-front is "Tora" (トラ, 虎), which means "tiger".


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